Scalable Storytelling

We create your stories, for you, in all languages.

Your pain in content production is gone

We create hundreds of thousands of well told personalized narratives, simultaneously in various languages. We give you content, articles, article foundations, stories and news – entirely automatic.

Our foundation

Partly world leading academic research and partly hands-on well experienced journalism.

It’s not data to text, it’s data to narrative

If you’re a publisher you need engaging hyperlocal news articles, if you’re a CMO you need compelling content with high frequency, and with perfect meta tags. From data we offer that and more via a high-quality API.

What we do

Personalization of Media Content

So much time is saved for your business when we analyse and organise your data and put it into approachable high-value content. Eg. from your lists of data to appealing product catalog texts. Or from numbers and schedules to inviting tableau text.

Automated Journalism

The algorithm scrutinizes large quantities of information, and controls the narrative style and the journalistic angle. A cost-cutting formula to create news articles. E.g. sports (robosport), economy, environment, culture and entertainment, polls, real-estate and more – fitted for exact niche and location.
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AI-driven Content Production

With a holistic approach we create varying personalized content from internal and external data with limitless scalability. We supply you with all from daily blog articles, social media posts by the hour to marketing emails and intranet messages. Everything custom made for your enterprise.

Live TV-tableau text

We create the valuable text with the teams’ latest matches, table position, location of the game, upcoming games etcetera. The info needed. We update the text, and even offer a suitable text after the event, for post streaming watching. You’ll get it by API straight into your CMS. Football and icehockey. You’ll just give us the basic data for when a game is on, on stream or live tv.
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Left: Ola Nilsson, right: Christian Balkenius. Photo: Morgan Norman.


Ola Nilsson, journalist with experience from the larger Swedish media houses.

Christian Balkenius, technical and AI lead, professor of Cognitive Science and an expert in artificiell intelligence.

Left: Jonas Ander, right: Lennart Svanberg.

Marketing and Strategy

Jonas Ander, Business developer and strategist, has over 20 years of experience of entrepreneurship and innovation in digital transformation, sales and marketing, CRM, marketing automation and customer experience. CEO Nortal Sweden.

Lennart Svanberg, Business developer and CMO, has experience of starting, developing and selling businesses within the internet sector. He is also a speaker and consultant at leading marketing companies.


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